"We appreciate the knowledgeable assistance we have received from "MyPeegu" sessions for the children and teachers. We are satisfied and will be availing your expertise in the coming years."

Mrs.Shobhana Prabhakaran,Principal
National Hill View Public School

"I have found "MyPeegu" to be helpful in sharpening my observation skills with the children."

Ms. Sangeetha , Class teacher Grade PG III(A)
National Hill View Public School

"MyPeegu activity sessions with the children have been helpful in identifying new aspects of behavior in children. The sessions held for teachers have been informative."

Ms. Padmini Rajendra,Class Teacher Grade IV "
National Hill View Public School

"The service period by MyPeegu was quite effective & we are therefore signed up our coming academic year. The team is great & very hardworking. Activities & training for the teachers were quite good and their interaction with teachers to develop our students has yielded good results. We look forwardin having a successful and predictive new academic year with your support"

Mrs. Shanaaz Shaikh ,Vice principal
Alburooj International school

"This is a lovely tool for comprehending development of kids in Social,Emotional and many other factors .I am thankful to the MyPeegu Team for their relentless efforts at our school. Keep it Going"

Mr.Ashraf Ali Khan, Principal
Alburooj International school

"MyPeegu tool is very resourceful as it helps our children to develop in each and every aspect and know each child better. I had never come across such tool which gives equal importance to the Behavior as well as Cognition factors of a child. It helps both children and teachers to develop understanding and walk towards success, Overall Good experience"

Mrs .Amrin Hajira, Mont teacher
Alburooj International school

"MyPeegu was very helpful to me. There are some children of my class (Grade 1) who really need experts to guide them and help them to handle themselves on their towards the right path. Overall, MyPeegu meets the two extremes of the line. "

Mrs. Sameena Naaz, Teacher-Grade 1
Alburooj International school

"The MyPeegu process is highly motivating for teachers. It has helped enhance our observation skills and provides teachers with a platform for discussing and voicing their opinions on students and the problems they experience."

Veena Anil, Teacher-Grade 8 (B)
Harvest International School

"MyPeegu process helps identify students who require additional attention, and guides teachers on the specific areas in which students require help. The tools also helps bridge the gap between teachers and parents. Parents are better informed of their child's performance at school. The behaviour traffic signals and workshops of teachers are highly informative and helpful."

Swetha , Teacher-Grade 1 (C)
National Hill View Public School

"The MyPeegu process has helped in improving the clarity in communication between parents and teachers. They attend to our need of giving individual attention to students and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. The online rating system makes things easy for teachers. Thank you for the wonderful job!! Let's go hand in hand."

Sangeetha , Teacher-Grade PG 3 (A)
National Hill View Public School

"We are really grateful for your massive support and co-operation in bringing changes in the students' behavior and personality. With your group, we believe we can certainly bring a change in student's attributes and areas of concern. We will certainly work hand in hand as our main motto is to bring the best in a child.My heartfelt acknowledgement to your group for selecting me as the rock star of the month."

Almas Syed , Teacher-Grade(10)
Pristine Public School

"The My Peegu services have been very satisfactory. I have seen children referred to them, settle down in class. The feedback and tips given to handle referred child are very helpful. "

Preeti, Teacher-Grade 2(B)
National Hill vIew public school

"The service I have most enjoyed is the Workshops for teachers. They are very interesting and informative. The tool has helped me gain an insight into the psychological aspects of children and improve myself as a teacher to help children in multiple areas."

Vidhya Deepak
Teacher-Grade PG 1(A), National Hill view public school